Silverton is located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains and is noted as the terminus of the Durango to Silverton Railway, one of the world's greatest railroad trips. It is featured on a page of its own.
Silverton, Ovrlk1013716Silverton, Houses1013790Silverton, 4 Way Stop1013797Silverton, 4 Way Stop1013798Silverton, Bldg1013736Silverton, Bldg1013737Silverton, Bldg1013783Silverton, Cafe V1013799Silverton, Cafe V1013801Silverton, Cafe, Bar1013804Silverton, Chattanooga Cafe030713-4700aSilverton, Cheap Hotel V1013814Silverton, Church1013728Silverton, City Hall, V030713-4724aSilverton, Courthouse1013741Silverton, Doorway V1013740Silverton, Downtown1013732Silverton, Downtown1013733Silverton, Fire Hydrant030713-4720Silverton, Flowers, Stream030713-4737

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