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Kobe is an important shipping port for Japan. It suffered huge losses in the big earthquake in the 1990s. Though not usually considered a big tourist center, it is certainly a very pleasant place to visit.
Kobe, Lighthouse V121-0080Kobe, Cherry Blossoms, Sign121-0206Kobe, Lighthouse121-0083Kobe, Fireboat Welcome V121-0088Kobe, Stairway0830581Kobe, Tower0617587aKobe, Tower0948032Kobe, Waterfront, Boat121-0093Kobe, Waterfront, Boat121-0094Kobe, Cherry Blossoms121-0096Kobe, Nuclear Free Statue121-0099Kobe, Chinatown121-0104Kobe, Chinatown121-0105Kobe, Chinatown121-0106Kobe, Vending Machines121-0108Kobe, Covered Street Mall121-0110Kobe, Bldg121-0113Kobe, Flowers V121-0115Kobe, Flowers V121-0121Kobe, Intersection121-0124

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