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A visit to New York City - one day very rainy and wet, the other a beautiful day. Seen through a tourist's eyes.
New York City, Top of the Rock, View, Empire St Bldg112-2619WTC, Flag 2New York, Statue of Liberty, Heli FSNew York City, Street V112-2648-2New York City, Central Park112-2660New York City, Central Park, Strawberry Fields112-2669New York City, Times Sq112-2452New York City, Times Sq112-2431New York City, Nat September 11 Memorial112-2478New York City, St Patricks Cathedral V112-2639New York City, Intrepid Aircraft Carrier112-2537New York City, Rockefeller Center, Skating Rink V112-2591New York City, Times Sq112-2698New York City, Busy Street112-2415New York City, Woman at Crosswalk V112-2422New York City, Fashion Ave, St Sign112-2426New York City, Empire State Bldg V112-2427New York City, Bldgs Nr City Hall V0823576New York City, Brooklyn Br V0823698New York City, Brooklyn Br0823708a

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