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Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty, the city of brotherly love, and Philly cheestake sandwiches.
Philadelphia, Independence Hall Tower121-3572Philadelphia, Independence NHP, Liberty Bell121-3622Philadelphia, City Hall, Clothespin Sculpture121-3546Philadelphia, Love Sq, Fountain, Sculpture V121-3462Philadelphia, Skyline, f City Hall Tower121-3488Philadelphia, Independence NHP121-3601Philadelphia, Chestnut St V121-3608Philadelphia, Statue, Ben Franklin, Press V121-3470Philadelphia, f City Hall, Statue121-3493Philadelphia, Liberty Bell V0829138Philadelphia, Carriages0829169Philadelphia, US Mint0829184Philadelphia, Independence NHP, Liberty Bell121-3561Philadelphia, City Hall V121-3503Philadelphia, Love Sq, Fountain, Skateboarders121-3461Philadelphia, Love Sq, Sculpture V121-3533Philadelphia, Independence Hall, Int121-3585Philadelphia, Statue, Govt of the People V121-3467Philadelphia, Statue, Frank Rizzo121-3466Philadelphia, Independence NHP, Washington Statue V121-3586

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