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Yufuin was primarily a great lunch stop for the group I was with, but had a small canal with some great reflections.
Yufuin, Stream Reflections0618898Yufuin, Farm Land0618831Yufuin, Glass Maker0618846Yufuin, Glass Maker0618849Yufuin, Japanese Meal0618906Yufuin, Lunch V0621097Yufuin, Lunch0621098Yufuin, Mt Aso Volcano0618863aYufuin, Paper Maker V0618857Yufuin, Sign V0618864Yufuin, Statue V0618840aYufuin, Store Sign0621100Yufuin, Stream Reflections V0618877Yufuin, Stream Reflections V0618901Yufuin, Stream Reflections0618881Yufuin, Stream Reflections0618888Yufuin, Stream Reflections0618896Yufuin, Stream Reflections0618903Yufuin, Tea Room0618861Yufuin, Winery V0618836a

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