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Pushkar is one of India's holy cities, with a Brahma temple and a holy lake. It is a pilgrimage town and attracts hoards of followers as well as tourists. It is especially interesting during the annual camel sale. With all the excitement also comes all the beggars and touts.
Pushkar, Lake030313-6055aPushkar, Sadhu030315-6358Pushkar, Temple030313-6140Pushkar, Temple, V030313-6136aPushkar, Camel, Night030314-6296aPushkar, Cook030315-6400Pushkar, Cow030313-6135Pushkar, Barber030315-6367aPushkar, Bldg Facade030315-6399Pushkar, Bldg, V030313-6144Pushkar, Bldgs030313-6046Pushkar, Camel Dusting030314-6249aPushkar, Camel Safari, Kids030314-6237Pushkar, Camel Safari, Men Holding Hands030314-6165aPushkar, Camel Safari, Night, Tent030314-6273Pushkar, Camel Safari, Resting Camel030314-6188aPushkar, Camel Safari, V030314-6179Pushkar, Camel Safari, V030314-6246Pushkar, Camel Safari, Yawn030314-6247Pushkar, Camel Safari030314-6187

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