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I visited this small Siberian village along the Bering Sea as part of the first Cruise West Spirit of Oceanus Bering Sea voyage. We were perhaps the first westerners most of these villagers had ever seen. They all dressed in their finest for our visit. They subsist mostly on fish and walrus meat, and it is quite a challenge to keep warm in the winter.
Yanrakynnot, Infant020608-1336Yanrakynnot, Girl020612-1601Yanrakynnot, Child020612-1572Yanrakynnot, View020612-1590Yanrakynnot, Boy020608-1227Yanrakynnot, Woman020608-1213Yanrakynnot, Kids020612-1617Yanrakynnot, Boat Painter020608-1284Yanrakynnot, Bldg020608-1249Yanrakynnot, Walrus Meat020608-1169Yanrakynnot, Bldg020608-1281Yanrakynnot, Abacus020608-1315Yanrakynnot, People020608-1319Yanrakynnot, Woman020612-1573Yanrakynnot, Tractor020608-1215Yanrakynnot, Barrels020608-1265Yanrakynnot, Barrels020608-1292Yanrakynnot, Barrels020608-1294Yanrakynnot, Beach020608-1177Yanrakynnot, Bldg020608-1322

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