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Kennedy Space Ctr0410577Merritt Is NWR, Dragonfly0410548aMerritt Is NWR, Heron0410564aMerritt Is NWR, Manatee0410546aOrlando, Conv Ctr, Statue, V0410584Orlando, Conv Ctr0410579Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, V0410511aTallahassee, Capitol, V0410597Tallahassee, Capitol0410600Tallahassee, Old Capitol0410603Merritt Is NWR, Fishing0410541Merritt Is NWR, Heron0410553aMerritt Is NWR, Manatee, V0410529aMerritt Is NWR, Manatee, V0410530aMerritt Is NWR, Manatee0410527aOrlando, Conv Ctr, Statue0410582Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, V0410514aTallahassee, Flower0410613Tallahassee, Old Capitol, V0410609Tallahassee, Supreme Court0410592a

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