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Unalaska, also known as Ducth Harbor, is a town at the beginning of the Aleutian Island Chain. It is the nation's largest fishery, and famous for its Bering Sea crab fishing. Few Americans are aware of the extent of bombing that was done here by the Japanese in WWII and the treatment of the native population during that time.
Unalaska, church020603-0422Unalaska, Cemetery020616-1850Unalaska, Cemetery020603-0433Unalaska, Church020603-0415Unalaska, CG Helicopter020616-1824aUnalaska, Church020603-0399Unalaska, Church020603-0406Unalaska, Church, Domes020616-1849Unalaska, Church020603-0395Unalaska, Church020603-0397Unalaska, Church020616-1811Unalaska, Church020616-1841Unalaska, Church020616-1853Unalaska, Cross, Eagle020603-0410Unalaska, Eagle, Flying020603-0416aUnalaska, Flag020603-0385Unalaska, Lupine020616-1838Unalaska, Pill Box020603-0393Unalaska, Ship020603-0404aUnalaska, Ships020603-0382

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