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Dillingham is in southwest Alaska, beyond the end of the road. It is the largest sustainable salmon fishery in the world, and it all takes place over a couple of months in the summer.
Dillingham, Grounded Fishing Boat121-2126Dillingham, Fishing Boat121-2280Dillingham, Rainbow in Clouds121-2063Dillingham Area, Twin Lakes121-1993Dillingham, Russian Orthodox Ch, Bell Shadow V131-8608Dillingham, Park131-8615Dillingham, Russian Orthodox Church, Bell131-8495Dillingham, Fishing Boat, Eskimole131-8533Dillingham, Ice Flow131-8579Dillingham, Aleknagik, Fishing Boat, Fireweed121-2673Dillingham, Aleknagik, Car, Fireweed121-2674Dillingham, Aleknagik, Fishing Boat, Fireweed121-2687Dillingham, Fishing Boat121-2693Dillingham Area, Twin Lakes121-1989Dillingham Area, Twin Lakes121-2002Dillingham, Nunavaugaluk Lk, Kayaks121-2152Dillingham, Nunavaugaluk Lk, Kayaks121-2157Dillingham, Dock121-1888Dillingham, Wood River, Russian Orthodox Church121-1901Dillingham, Wood River, Russian Orthodox Church, Bells121-1908

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