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Chiran is most famous for its Kamikaze museum. It is a very somber place to visit, both from an American perspective as well as trying to imagine what was like for those pilots getting prepared for a suicidal mission. This museum does not have many English translations, and does not allow indoor photography. There was also an interesting festival going on which was interesting to visit.
Chiran, Festival, Show0833185Chiran, Festival, Show0833214aChiran, School Kids0835374Chiran, Father and Child V0833142Chiran, Festival, Sleeping Child0833232Chiran, Kamikaze Museum, Lanterns0831460Chiran, Kamikaze Museum, Plane0831444Chiran, Kamikaze Museum, Flyer Statue V0835387Chiran, Kamikaze Museum, Shrine0831431aChiran, Tea Sign0831422Chiran, Tea Farm0835335Chiran, Tea Farm0833131Chiran, Tea Farm V0835340Chiran, Festival0833148Chiran, Festival0833206Chiran, Tea Farm V0833120Chiran, Tea Farm, Baby V0835328Chiran, Tea Farm, Baby V0835350Chiran, Festival V0833158Chiran, Festival V0833162

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