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Sacramento is the capital of California, located in the central valley. Its feature is the Old Town, where it was first settled. It is actually a port, as some large ships can come all the way up the Sacramento River to Sacramento.
Sacramento, Capitol112-3716Sacramento, Old Town130-6818Sacramento, Spanish American War Memorial112-3727Sacramento, Riverboat, Bldg V112-3657Sacramento, Old Town112-3662Sacramento, Tower Br, State Capitol112-3643Sacramento, Old Town, Fanny Anns Saloon112-3666Sacramento, Old Town112-3680Sacramento, Old Town, Night112-3743Sacramento, Tower Br112-3637Sacramento, Crocker Museum V112-3618Sacramento, Old Town140-9029Sacramento, Airport, Luggage Cart V141-0017Sacramento, Riverboat V112-3627West Sacramento, Tower Br, Ziggurat Bldg112-3640Sacramento, Tower Br V160-4061Sacramento, Old Town, Train160-4066Sacramento, Old Town, Train160-4076Sacramento, Fall Foliage112-3607Sacramento, Capitol112-3737

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