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Bharatpur is the gateway to Keoladeo National Park. Many of these image are from the roads leading into town.
Bharatpur, Bike and Camel030306-4425aBharatpur, Cyclist Hanging On030305-4324aBharatpur, Keoladeo NP030305-4376aBharatpur, Dancing Bear030305-4326aBharatpur, Dancing Bear030305-4327aBharatpur, Keoladeo NP, Bird030305-4384aBharatpur, Keoladeo NP, Deer030305-4389aBharatpur, Keoladeo NP, Monkey030305-4363aBharatpur, Palace, Shrine030305-4403aBharatpur, Palace030305-4347Bharatpur, Palace030305-4409Bharatpur, Sheep in Rd030305-4336aBharatpur, Bike and Buggy030306-4423a

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