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Logan, Cache Stake Tabernacle V0827968aCisco, Antelope0748157aBingham Mine, Aerial0466545Great Salt Lake S -4232Bingham Mine S -4233Antelope Island SP S -4234Antelope Island SP, Bison S -4235Antelope Island SP, Bison S -4236Antelope Island SP S -4237Antelope Island SP, Bison S -4238Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8750Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8751Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8753Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8754Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8755Great Salt Lake, Aerial140-8757Rte 40, Strawberry Reservoir150-4596Rte 40, Strawberry Reservoir150-4603Rte 40, Strawberry Reservoir150-4604Rte 40, Strawberry Reservoir150-4605

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