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Chitrakut is a small pilgrimage town along the Mandakini River. There are over thirty temples here, and many ghats that line the river, somewhat like a smaller version of Varanasi. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are all believed to have been born and reincarnated here.
Chitrakut, Boat030324-8106aChitrakut, Boys030324-8121aChitrakut, Ghat, Sadhu030324-8110aChitrakut, Ghat, Sadhu030324-8117aChitrakut, Holi Pigments030324-8126Chitrakut, Man030324-8124aChitrakut, Mandakini River, Boat030324-8077Chitrakut, Mandakini Riverbank, Bathing030324-8060aChitrakut, Mandakini Riverbank, Cow Reflection030324-8102aChitrakut, Mandakini Riverbank, Egret030324-8056aChitrakut, Mandakini Riverbank, Sadhu030324-8092aChitrakut, Mandakini Riverbank, Women030324-8091aChitrakut, Mandakini, Man Seated030324-8096Chitrakut, People and Cow030324-8122aChitrakut, Toilet, V030325-8139Chitrakut, Toys030324-8127Basket Cart, f Jeep030325-8163

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