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Portland is the largest city in Oregon. It won its name in a coin toss. Having initially been settled by New Englanders, they flipped a coin to choose between the names Boston and Portland.
Portland, Grotto, Statue0462185Portland, Bird Sculpture021208-0199Portland, Bldg Detail021208-0222Portland, Grotto, Chapel0462191Portland, Seals and Dog021208-0194aPortland, Steele Br0462241Portland, Grotto, Tree0462180Portland, Bldg Mural021208-0213Portland, Chinatown, Gate021208-0239Portland, Columbia R, Container Port0462287Portland, Dock Tires0462249Portland, Front St0462219Portland, Grotto, Chapel, V0462173Portland, Grotto, Monastery0462178Portland, Grotto, Statue, V0462167Portland, Grotto, V0462182Portland, Grotto0462159Portland, Grotto0462162aPortland, Hawthorne Br, V0462204Portland, Hawthorne Br0462207

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