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Cappadocia is one of the most interesting places I have been to, ranking up there with the great wonders such as the Great Pyramids, Petra, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, etc. After volcanoes spewed ash over the area, rocks and boulders compressed the ash below them, and as the other ash easily eroded away, it left behind large cone shaped rock formations under the boulders. Over time people have carved homes and chapels in the rock. Nearby are many ancient underground cities that went many stories underground and housed up to 20,000 people , felt to be used primarily for protection from religious raids. Two of these tunnels can be visited today.
Derinkoyu, Underground City, Entrance S -9474Derinkoyu, Underground City S -9475Kaymakli, Underground City S -9476Derinkoyu, Carpet Shop S -9477Derinkoyu, Carpet Shop S -9478Derinkoyu, Men at Chai Shop S -9479Derinkoyu, Men w Water Pipe S V-9480Kaymakli, Boys S V-9481Kaymakli, Women Sitting on Sidewalk S -9482Cappadocia, Nar S -9483Cappadocia, Nar S V-9484Cappadocia, Nar S V-9485Cappadocia, Nar S -9486Cappadocia, Nar S -9487Cappadocia, Nar S -9488Cappadocia, Nar, Man on Donkey Cart S V-9489Cappadocia, Nar S -9490Cappadocia, Nar, Kids S -9491Cappadocia, Nar, Girls S V-9492Cappadocia, Nar, Kids S V-9493

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