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Charleston is steeped with history and culture, as well as interesting architecture. It is the most popular tourist destination in South Carolina.
Charleston, E Elliott St, Carriage V0610577aCharleston, Waterfront Park0610531aCharleston, Church St, Houses, Azaleas V0610247aCharleston, Church St0610224aCharleston, Waterfront Park, Fountain0610508Charleston, Church St, Houses0610240Charleston, St Michaels Church, Cemetery V0610427Charleston, Market0610184aCharleston, Church St, Houses0610243Charleston, Battery , Confederate Soldier Mon0610283aCharleston, Custom House V0610640aCharleston, Carriage Tour0610237Charleston, E Elliott St, Sweeper0610580Charleston, Chalmers St, Flowers0610460Charleston, Meeting St, House0610386Charleston, Old Citadel0610476aCharleston, St Michaels Church, Cemetery V0610436aCharleston, St Michaels Church, Cemetery0610416Charleston, Chalmers St, Bike0610226Charleston, Emanuel AME Church V0610489a

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