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Most of this page focuses on the Turnagain Arm portion of the Seward Highway, which is the part directly south of Anchorage. Turnagain arm is a body of water that branches off of Cook inlet at Anchorage. It has the second highest tidal range in the world and sometimes a boar tide can be seen as a wall of water rusing into the arm. The scenery on this stretch of the road is beautiful, though prone to avalanches in the winter. Some other things along the Seward Highway that are highlighted on other pages include the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Portage Glacier
Old Portage0938697Tern Lake0575164Turnagain Pass V0573430Crow Creek Pass, Devils Club0577785Hope, Trail0573851Hope, Turnagain Arm0573853Hope, Turnagain Arm0573854Hope, Turnagain Arm0573860Hope, Turnagain Arm0573862Hope, Turnagain Arm0573868Turnagain Arm V0938676Turnagain Arm, Dall Sheep0939075Turnagain Arm, Dall Sheep0939079Turnagain Arm, Dall Sheep0939083Turnagain Arm, Dead Trees0573838Turnagain Arm, Dead Trees0573872Turnagain Arm, Drowned Forest V0577799Turnagain Arm, Fireweed V0577812Turnagain Arm, Fireweed0577805aTurnagain Arm, Fireweed0577808a

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