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Bend030420-9218Alpine, Stream, Cow V0572326aDavis Alpine Loop, Prude Ranch0572366Davis Alpine Loop0572384aFort Stockton, Roadrunner, V0571201Fort Stockton, Roadrunner0571199Ft Davis NHS, Dorm Interior V0572333aFt Davis NHS, Dorm Interior0572332Ft Davis NHS, Officers Row0572327aFt Davis NHS, Officers Row0572340Ft Davis NHS, Officers Row0572349Ft Davis NHS, Officers Row0572362aGuadalupe Mtns NP, El CapitanMarathon, Windmill0571205aMcDonald Observatory V0572370McDonald Observatory0572375aMidland, KD BBQ V0572465Midland, Oil Pump0572462aMonahans Sandhills SP, Windmill V0572401aMonahans Sandhills SP, Windmill0572389a

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