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Chengde is an interesting city to the northeast of Beijing, with an old palace and garden used by ming emperors as a summer resort.
Chendge, Putuozongcheng T020420-9161Chengde, f Putuozongcheng T020420-9237aChengde, Puning T, Bldgs020420-9276Chengde, Puning T, Locks020420-9332Chengde, Puning T, Roof, Bell020420-9344Chengde, Puning T020420-9281Chengde, Puning T020420-9357Chengde, Puning T020420-9358Chengde, Puning, MonkT020420-9310aChengde, Putuozongcheng T, Fire Equip020420-9138Chengde, Puning T, Detail020420-9274Chengde, Puning T, Incense Burner020420-9252Chengde, Puning T, Incense Burner020420-9329Chengde, Puning T, Incense Burning020420-9288aChengde, Puning T, Incense020420-9291Chengde, Puning T, Locks, Incense020420-9335Chengde, Puning T, Quarters020420-9371Chengde, Puning T, Roller Drums020420-9271Chengde, Puning T, Roller Drums020420-9372Chengde, Puning T, Roof020420-9350

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