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Northernmost New Hampshire, bordering with Quebec to the north, is very wild and relatively unspoiled. It is home to the Connecticut Lakes, the origin of the Connecticut River which forms the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.
Second Connecticut Lake, NH 2Red Barns on a Farm in Pittsburg, NHCanoeing in the Second Connecticut Lake, New HampshireSecond Connecticut Lake, NHBack Lake in Autumn, NHOverlooking the First Connecticut Lake, northern New HampshirePittsburg, Fixer-Upper150-8696Pittsburg, Happy Corner Br No35  150-8737Pittsburg, First CT Lake150-8692Chairs at Back Lake in Northern New HampshireBack Lake Dock, northern New HampshireYellow leaves along the Connecticut River, northern New HampshireThe Calm Waters of the First Connecticut Lake, northern NHPlacid Waters of New Hampshire's First Connecticut LakeAn island in the First Connecticut Lake in Northern New HampshirePittsburg Covered Bridge, New HampshireLooking Out From the Pittsburg Covered Bridge, New HampshirePittsburg, First CT Lake150-8748Pittsburg, Fixer-Upper150-8695Pittsburg, Fixer-Upper150-8697

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