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Bassi is another one of the towns we traveled through and stayed at on our journey through India. The nearby poppy fields were interesting, and may explain why I was searched so diligently when arriving back in the US, even though I did not get anything from there or bring anything back. This was another town where we were able to stay in a small palace for a very reasonable price.
Bassi, Opium Harvesting030312-5953aBassi, Castle Bijaipur, Welcome Bowl030312-5908Bassi, Girl and Infant033012-5899aBassi, Barber030312-5900Bassi, Woman in Field030312-5967Bassi, Child030312-5945Bassi, Cow030312-5965aBassi, Man Drinking Chai030312-5981aBassi, Road030313-6004Bassi, Road, Cows030312-5989aBassi, Woman in Poppy Field030312-5943aBassi, Woman Washing Clothes033012-5896Bassi, Women in Field030312-5969aBassi, Castle Bijaipur, Pool, V030312-5927Bassi, Castle Bijaipur, Room030312-5914Bassi, Castle Bijaipur, Room030312-5917aBassi, Castle Bijaipur030312-5919Bassi, Family at Field030312-5956aBassi, Field030312-5978Bassi, Girl, Sad033012-5895

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