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Aztec, Welcome Sign030629-3064Aztec Ruins NM, Restored Kiva030629-3098Aztec NM, Reconstructed Kiva S -4049Aztec Ruins NM, Restored Kiva, Ceiling030629-3087Aztec Ruins NM, V030629-3139Aztec Ruins NM030629-3078Aztec Ruins NM030629-3083Aztec Ruins NM030629-3110Aztec Ruins NM030629-3118aAztec Ruins NM030629-3129aAztec Ruins NM030629-3148Aztec Ruins NM030629-3149Aztec Ruins NM030629-3166Aztec Ruins NM030629-3168aAztec NM, Ruins S -4046Aztec NM, Ruins S -4047Aztec NM, Ruins S -4048

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