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The Matanuska Glacier, off the Glenn Highway northeast of Anchorage, is unusual in that you can easily walk on it and explore it. The scenery is dramatic and beautiful.
Matanuska Glacier0573810aMatanuska Glacier, Climber, V0581600aMatanuska Glacier, Climber0581549aMatanuska Glacier, Climbers0581514aGlenn Hwy, Matanuska Glacier0574675aMatanuska Glacier, Hiker V0581510aMatanuska Glacier0573758Matanuska Glacier0573787Matanuska Glacier0581389aMatanuska Glacier0581425Matanuska Glacier0581506aMatanuska Glacier0581594Glenn Hwy, Matanuska Glacier0574038aMatanuska Gl, Entrance0581412Matanuska Gl, Fireweed0581410Matanuska Gl0581406aMatanuska Glacier  V0581400aMatanuska Glacier V0573804aMatanuska Glacier V0573826aMatanuska Glacier V0573830a

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