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St Matthew Island is a small island out in the middle of the Bering Sea. It is uninhabited, and covered with tundra. A couple of the images of the shipwrecks here were used on the Most Dangerous Catch television show.
St Matthew Is,Driftwood020605-0706St Matthew Is020605-0766St Matthew Is, Plant020605-0727St Matthew Is, Plants020605-0732aSt Matthew Is, Shipwreck020605-0653St Matthew Is, Shipwreck020605-0658St Matthew Is, Shipwreck020605-0665St Matthew Is, Driftwood020605-0761St Matthew Is, Flowers020605-0741St Matthew Is, Plant020605-0709St Matthew Is, Plant020605-0710St Matthew Is, Plants V020605-0729St Matthew Is, Plants020605-0742St Matthew Is, Tundra020605-0716St Matthew Is, Zodiac020605-0802aSt Matthew Is, Zodiacs020605-0673St Matthew Is020605-0772St Matthew Is020605-0803

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