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Suzhuo is famous for its gardens and its strategic location on the Grand Canal. It is only about an hour from Shanghai.
Suzhou, Grand Canal, Pots020412-7774aSuzhou, Bikes020412-7878Suzhou, Canal020413-7939Suzhou, Humble Admin Garden, Boy020413-7987Suzhou, Grand Canal, Bridges020412-7761aSuzhou, Grand Canal, Houses020412-7771Suzhou, Grand Canal, Cleaning Cage020412-7780Suzhou, Grand Canal, Washing020412-7767Suzhou, Grand Canal020412-7756aSuzhou, Humble Admin G, Fish020413-7968Suzhou, Pedicab020412-7840Suzhou, Humble Admin G, Flower Pail020413-7992Suzhou, Humble Admin G020413-7948Suzhou, Humble Admin G020413-7966aSuzhou, North Temple, Buddha, Head020412-7806Suzhou, North Temple, Buddha020412-7803Suzhou, North Temple, Buddha020412-7807Suzhou, Master of the Nets, Dancer020412-7922Suzhou, Master of the Nets, Musician020412-7904Suzhou, Master of the Nets, Musicians020412-7918

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