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Matsue has one of Japan's great old castles, and this one is black. It also has an old part of town with some interesting wooden buildings, and an English garden.
Matsue Area, Coast0620249Matsue, Castle, Girl V0619839Matsue, Castle, Girl V0619842Matsue, Castle V0620285Matsue, Castle, Kimonos V0619816Matsue, Castle0620288Matsue, Girl in Kimono V0620293aMatsue, Girl in Kimono V0620302Matsue, Castle, Kimonos0619812Matsue0623282aMatsue0623285aMatsue English Garden, Dragonfly0620374aMatsue English Garden, Dragonfly0620375aMatsue English Garden0619764Matsue English Garden0619770Matsue English Garden0620329Matsue English Garden0620346Matsue, Castle, View0619837Matsue English Garden V0620336Matsue English Garden V0620359

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