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Hiroshima was where the first atomic bomb was dropped to lead to the end of WWII. Many were killed and injured, though perhaps many more were saved by the war ending. Local workers and Korean war slaves were in the process of dismantling the wooden downtown in anticipation of American firebombing. After the bombing some scientists said that there would be no form of life able to inhabit the area for at least 75 years - we are still within that time, but I will let you judge for yourself on that one. There is a long park on the island that connects the A-bomb dome (the only surviving structure near ground zero) with the museum, and has many different monuments and memorials. The museum is well-done but does not allow photography. It presents a fair and matter-of-fact explanation of events leading up to and after the bomb, though it makes no mention at all of the aggressiveness and atrocities of the Japanese during that war. It leads me to wonder what Japanese schoolchildren are taught about the war and Japan's involvement.
Hiroshima0832357Hiroshima, A Bomb Dome0618648Hiroshima, A Bomb Dome V0618642Hiroshima, Peace Memorial Park V0618570Hiroshima, Childrens Peace Mon V0621535Hiroshima, Childrens Peace Mon V0832390Hiroshima, Childrens Peace Mon0832393Hiroshima, Memorial Arches V0622664Hiroshima, Korean Victims Memorial V0834381Hiroshima, Memorial Statue0622655Hiroshima, Childrens Peace Mon V0618530Hiroshima, Mobilized Students Mem Twr0618629Hiroshima, Cenotaph for A Bomb Victims0832396Hiroshima, Couple at Cenotaph0834396Hiroshima, Peace Park0832430Hiroshima, Memorial Statue V0622677Hiroshima, Kids0834390Hiroshima, Kids Schoolthings0834374Hiroshima, Flowers, Fountain0834426Hiroshima, Shukkeien Garden0622769a

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