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Montreal is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Quebec. People there speak French or English, though there is a big movement to make it exclusively French. While the rest of the country has bilingual road signs Quebec signs are just in French. Part of the town has a definite old world flavor, while the rest is very modern. Fitting for its climate, there is a huge underground city network, allowing people go go all over the downtown without ever going outside.
Montreal, Mt Royal, View112-2183Montreal, Notre Dame Bon Seqours Ch V112-2066Montreal, Old Town, City Hall, Night112-2069Montreal, Notre Dame Bon Seqours Ch, Night V112-2072Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Bldg112-2076Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Facade V112-2085Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int112-2089Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int V112-2098Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Chapel112-2115Montreal, Old Town112-2138Montreal, Sculpture112-2081Montreal, Metro Stop, Metropolitain112-2153Montreal, Bldg V112-2079Montreal, Front Yard Garden112-2146Montreal, Bicyclist112-2083Katie Little, Metro, Montreal, Quebec112-2147Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int V112-2086Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int112-2091Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int112-2093Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Int V112-2094

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