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The Deoksugung Palace was home to many Korean royal families until about a century ago. It has many traditional buildings and gardens. Most of the buildings were destroyed during the colonial period.
Seoul, Deoksugung Palace V0624694Seoul, Deoksugung Palace V0624708Seoul, Deoksugung Palace V0624711Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate V0624670Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624658Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624663Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624668Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624676Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624696Seoul, Deoksugung Palace, Gate0624737Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624659Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624682Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624690Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624700Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624703aSeoul, Deoksugung Palace0624709Seoul, Deoksugung Palace0624718

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