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Cumberland Island was at one time owned by the Carnegie family, and eventually sold to the government to become the Cumberland Island National Seashore. Today the island can only be reached by ferry or private boat, and visitation is limited to 300 people per day. No vehicles, including bicycles, are allowed to be brought on the island. It is alfo famous for the feral horses.
Cumberland Is NS, Dunes0610473Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horse0610377Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horses0610363Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horses0610367Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness0610305Cumberland Is NS, Oyster Catchers0610505aCumberland Is NS, Oyster Catchers0610531aCumberland Is NS, Wild Horses0610453aCumberland Is NS, Boardwalk0610485Cumberland Is NS, Dunes0610477Cumberland Is NS, Dunes0610490Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness V0610312Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness V0610383Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horses0610353aCumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horses0610373Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Horses0610375Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Rusted Cars V0610414Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Rusted Cars, Tour0610411Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Rusted Cars0610397Cumberland Is NS, Dungeness, Tour0610324

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