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Yakushima is in the very southern part of Japan, and highlights the natural beauty of the country. While much of what tourists see in Japan is related to culture, history, architecture or food, this is one area where nature itself takes center stage.
Yakushima, Anbo R Gorge0831358Yakushima, Anbo R Gorge0831359Yakushima, Monkeys V0832966Yakushima, Monkeys V0832974Yakushima, Monkeys0831148Yakushima, Monkeys0832984aYakushima, Yakusugi Land, Cedar Forest0835212Yakushima, Yakusugi Land, Bridge0835066Yakushima, Monkey0835035Yakushima, Yakusugi Land, Bridge0835192Yakushima, Yakusugi Land, Cedar Forest0831261Yakushima, Yakusugi Land, Cedar Forest0835156Yakushima, Yakusugi Land, Cedar Forest0835232Yakushima, Environmental Culture Village Ctr, Mtn Shrine V0831378Yakushima, Monkeys V0831145Yakushima, Monkeys V0832971Yakushima, Monkeys0831150Yakushima, Monkeys0832952Yakushima, Monkeys0832964aYakushima, Monkeys0835032a

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