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These are "drive-by shootings" done from moving trains or buses. They provide opportunities to photograph rural countryside and lifestyles that can be difficult to do otherwise.
Bus to Hangzhou, Eating020506-6342aBus to Hangzhou, Eggs020406-6384Bus to Hangzhou, Stand020406-6387Train to Xian, Factory020416-8367Train to Xian, Passengers and Vendor020416-8436aTrain to Xian, Stream020416-8446Train to Xian, Valley020416-8390aTrain to Xian, Passengers020416-8432Train to Shanghai, Path020408-6567Bus, YiChang-Louhan, Road020403-6035Bus to Hangzhou, Fieldworkers020406-6394aBus to Hangzhou, Town020406-6347Bus to Hangzhou, Town020406-6363aBus to Hangzhou020406-6314Train to Xian, Carrying Something020416-8423aTrain to Xian, Caves020416-8371aTrain to Xian, Caves020416-8374Train to Xian, Caves020416-8402Train to Xian, Field Worker020416-8425Train to Xian, Fields020416-8410a

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