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Muir Woods National Monument protects a redwood grove north of San Francisco.
Muir Woods NM130-5912Muir Woods NM V130-5914Muir Woods NM130-5915Muir Woods NM V130-5917Muir Woods NM130-5918Muir Woods NM130-5919Muir Woods NM130-5922Muir Woods NM130-5923Muir Woods NM V130-5925Muir Woods NM V130-5926Muir Woods NM130-5932Muir Woods NM V130-5933Muir Woods NM V130-5935Muir Woods NM V130-5937Muir Woods NM130-5938Muir Woods National Monument, Dead TreeMuir Woods National Monument, TrailMuir Woods National Monument, TreesMuir Woods National Monument, RedwoodsMuir Woods National Monument, Redwoods, Trail

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