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Simatai is an older portion of the wall that has not undergone extensive renovations. When I was on this visit to China, the smog and sandstorms created significant haze which really affected viewing of the wall (in addition to breathing).
Simatai, Wall020421-9445Simatai, Wall, Balloons020421-9385aSimatai, Wall, Distant020421-9392aSimatai, Wall, People, V020421-9454Simatai, Wall, Sign020421-9405aSimatai, Wall, thru Arch020421-9424Simatai, Wall, Tower, V020421-9459Simatai, Wall, Tower, V020421-9560Simatai, Wall, V020421-9406Simatai, Wall, V020421-9479aSimatai, Wall, V020421-9486Simatai, Wall, V020421-9520aSimatai, Wall, V020421-9535Simatai, Wall020421-9413aSimatai, Wall020421-9416Simatai, Wall020421-9434Simatai, Wall020421-9445aSimatai, Wall020421-9457Simatai, Wall020421-9465Simatai, Wall020421-9485

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