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Takamatsu is a city on the Seto Inland Sea. It has an interesting badger temple, the shikokumura outdoor museum, and a taste of Japanese life beyond the usual tourist spots.
Takamatsu0621790Takamatsu, Yashima Temple V0621785Takamatsu, Yashima Temple, Badger0832590Takamatsu, Yashima Temple, Pilgrims0832617aTakamatsu, Yashima Temple, Statue V0621755Takamatsu, Yashima Temple0621742Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village, Schoolkids0834665Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village0618021Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village V0618010Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village, Bamboo V0834700Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village, Bridge0834650Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village0618044Takamatsu, Breakwater, Lighthouse0621807aTakamatsu, Overlook0621771aTakamatsu, Shopping Arcade0621795Takamatsu, Udon Noodle Soup0832625Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village V0618014Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village V0618033aTakamatsu, Shikokumura Village, Bamboo V0834709Takamatsu, Shikokumura Village, Bamboo V0834753

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