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The only National Park Service Site in New Hampshire celebrates the life and works of Augustus St Gaudens and the events of his time. The setting is beautiful. This visit was during the month of June.
St-Gaudens NHS, Aspet141-1139St-Gaudens NHS, Shaw Memorial V141-1132St-Gaudens NHS, Farragut Mem V141-1111St-Gaudens NHS, William T Sherman V141-1120St-Gaudens NHS, Pilgrim V141-1126St-Gaudens NHS, Farragut Mem V141-1110St-Gaudens NHS, Adams Memorial V141-1135St-Gaudens NHS, Liberty V141-1113St-Gaudens NHS, Liberty V141-1114St-Gaudens NHS, Seated Lincoln V141-1119St-Gaudens NHS, Robert Louis Stevenson Mem141-1122St-Gaudens NHS, Pilgrim V141-1125St-Gaudens NHS, Pilgrim V141-1127St-Gaudens NHS, Grounds141-1128St-Gaudens NHS, Shaw Memorial141-1129St-Gaudens NHS, Shaw Memorial141-1133St-Gaudens NHS, Shaw Memorial141-1134St-Gaudens NHS, Aspet V141-1140St-Gaudens NHS, Aspet141-1146St-Gaudens NHS, Aspet, Living Rm V141-1147

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