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The Inland Sea is surrounded by the main islands of Japan. It is well-protected, and is a major shipping channel. It boasts the longest bridge network in the world, with different segments designed by different architects.
Seto Ohashi Bridge0618232Kojima, Seto Ohashi Bridge0830548aInland Sea, Lighthouse0618257Inland Sea, Sunset0618919aInland Sea, Sunset0618926aInland Sea, Fishing Boat0618250aInland Sea, Fishing Nets0830966aInland Sea, Lighthouse0618209Inland Sea, Sunset V0618917Kojima, Amusement Park0830770Seto Ohashi Bridge0618206Seto Ohashi Bridge0618223Kojima, Seto Ohashi Bridge V0830556Kojima, Seto Ohashi Bridge0830752aKojima, Seto Ohashi Bridge0830765Seto Ohashi Bridge V0618217Seto Ohashi Bridge, Lighthouse0622446Seto Ohashi Bridge0618199aSeto Ohashi Bridge0618201Shimanami Kaido Bridge System V0622448a

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