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Chanderi is a Muslim and Jain town. Jains believe that all life must be respected, and some will go so far as to wear masks over their faces to prevent swallowing a bug, or will sweep the ground in front of them wherever they walk, just so they don't step on an insect. Chanderi is another town that is somewhat off the beaten track, so the people were particularly interesting to meet and photograph. Nearby are cliffs and caves with interesting old pictographs
Chanderi,  Man w Baskets030319-6901Chanderi, Food Vendor030319-6844Chanderi, Ghats030319-6940Chanderi, Girl030319-6960aChanderi, Girls030319-6870aChanderi, Girls030319-6958Chanderi, Jain Temple030319-7001Chanderi, Kid on Motorcycle030319-6848Chanderi, Kids030319-6981Chanderi, Man, Holi030319-6965Chanderi, Man, Shop030319-6966Chanderi, Mother and Child030319-6842Chanderi, Nr, Cliffs030319-7176aChanderi, Nr, Rock Paintings030319-7125aChanderi, Nr, Village, Temple, Rock Figures030319-7086Chanderi, Nr, Village, Temple, Rock Figures030319-7089Chanderi, Nr, Village, Temple, V030319-7221Chanderi, Pigs in Street030319-6847Chanderi, Store, V030318-6830Chanderi, Temple, Man030319-6922

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