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Eureka is the largest city on the northern coast of California north of San Francisco. It is located in the Redwood coast area and makes a great base for exploring the north coast.
Eureka, Waterfront130-5601Eureka, Carson Mansion V130-5607Eureka, Waterfront130-5611Eureka, Waterfront130-5612Eureka, Waterfront V130-5615Eureka, Waterfront130-5616Eureka, Field, Birds130-5620Eureka, Field130-5633Eureka, Field130-5636Eureka, Field130-5640Eureka, Field130-5644Eureka, Fishermans Memorial130-5659Eureka, Fishermans Memorial V130-5663Eureka, Samoa Dunes SRA130-5671Eureka, Samoa Dunes SRA, Coast Guard Station130-5680Eureka, Roosevelt Elk130-5692Eureka, Roosevelt Elk130-5695Eureka, Roosevelt Elk130-5703Eureka, Stone Lagoon School130-5707Eureka, Sun Rays V130-5711

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