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Zhujiajiao is a small canal town outside of Shanghai. While fairly touristy, it gets one out of the hustle and bustle of the big city yet still has a lot of character.
Zhujiajiao, Lanterns120-9711Zhujiajiao, Canalside Cafe120-9733Zhujiajiao, Canal, Boat120-9650Zhujiajiao, Canal, Boat120-9658Zhujiajiao, Canal, Boats120-9827Zhujiajiao, Canal, Boat120-9661Zhujiajiao, Canal, Bridge120-9766Zhujiajiao, Canal, Boat120-9675Zhujiajiao, Canal, Bridge120-9683Zhujiajiao, Canal, Houses120-9686Zhujiajiao, Canal120-9639Zhujiajiao, People Relaxing120-9669Zhujiajiao, Canalside Cafe120-9796Zhujiajiao, Street120-9747Zhujiajiao, Infant V120-9754Zhujiajiao, Canal f Tai An Br120-9758Zhujiajiao, Roof, Lanterns V120-9719Zhujiajiao, Shop, Food120-9721Zhujiajiao, Board Game120-9775Zhujiajiao, Temple120-9782

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