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These images are carved into the limestone south of the town of Louyang. There are over a thousand caves with about 100,000 Buddha statues in them as well.
Longmen Caves, Buddha020414-8159Longmen Caves, Boy and Girl, V020414-8105Longmen Caves, Bridge020414-8145aLongmen Caves, Buddha and Girl020414-8096Longmen Caves, Buddha, CU020414-8082Longmen Caves, Buddha, V020414-8141Longmen Caves, Buddha020414-8121Longmen Caves, Crowd020414-8079Longmen Caves, Distant020414-8161aLongmen Caves, Figure, V020414-8095Longmen Caves, Figure, V020414-8139Longmen Caves, Figures020414-8138Longmen Caves, Girl, V020414-8102Longmen Caves, Kids020414-8100Longmen Caves, V020414-8087Longmen Caves, V020414-8109Longmen Caves020414-8078Longmen Caves020414-8116Longmen Caves020414-8123

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