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Hovenweep NM030705-3947Hovenweep NM030705-3970Hovenweep NM030705-3971aHovenweep NM030705-3975Hovenweep NM030705-3989Hovenweep NM030705-3997Hovenweep NM030705-4006Hovenweep NM030705-4027aHovenweep NM030705-4045Hovenweep NM030705-4051Hovenweep NM, Ruins S -4222Hovenweep NM, Ruins S V-4226Hovenweep NM, Ruins S -4227Hovenweep NM, Ruins S -4228Hovenweep NM, Rabbit S -4229Hovenweep NM, Ruins S -4230Hovenweep NM, Snake S -4231

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