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Kyoto is the quintessential Japanese tourist town. There are multitudes of shrines and temples that are easy to visit and give a very good taste of Japan. It is easy to visit with most signposting and public transportation labelled in English as well as Japanese. I spent a day in Kyoto and another day in nearby Nara, which are easy to combine.
Kyoto, Kinkakuji Temple0617108aKyoto, Tower V0616312Kyoto, Train Station V0616919Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple, Fountain V0617049Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple, Zen Garden0617058Kyoto, Ryoanji Temple, Interior0617066Kyoto, Heian Shrine0617202Kyoto, Heian Shrine0617217Kyoto, Heian Shrine0617220Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple0617285aKyoto, Kiyomizu Temple0617405Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple0617425Kyoto, Train Station, nr0617487aKyoto, Hi Tech Toilet Seat V0617022aKyoto, Downtown0617031aKyoto, Kiyomizu Temple V0617302aKyoto, Yasaka Shrine0617008aKyoto, Yasaka Shrine V0617483aKyoto, Heian Shrine, Torii0617243aKyoto, Heian Shrine V0617195

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