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Shanghai is one of the worlds largest cities. It has a lot of history, but is very modern as well.
Shanghai, Bund, Mao Statue, Pearl TV Tower121-0011Shanghai, Bund, Mao Statue, N020408-6741Shanghai, Lights, N020410-7139Shanghai, Olympic Statues020408-6607aShanghai, Olympic Statues020408-6608aShanghai, Bike020408-6666aShanghai, Skyline, Huangpu R120-9157Shanghai, Yu Market, Boy V120-9354Shanghai, Restaurant120-9307Shanghai, Marina, Bldgs120-9162Shanghai, Yu Market, Policeman on Ride120-9443Shanghai, Bund, Watering Flowers120-9305Shanghai, Lanterns V120-9325Shanghai, Lanterns V120-9322Shanghai, Yu Market, Tea House120-9336Shanghai, Yu Market, Boy120-9340Shanghai, Sidewalk Cafe120-9328Shanghai, Yu Market, Tea House, Pond, Boat V120-9374Shanghai, Yu Market, Tea House V120-9381Shanghai, Yu Market, Tea House120-9383

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