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One of the great palaces in Seoul, much of it was damaged during the Japanese occupation. Only about thirty percent of the buildings remain today.
Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624919Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624934aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace V0624949aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace0625039Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Biwon Garden V0625086Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Biwon Garden V0625093aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Biwon Garden0625094Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Boy0624952aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Chinese Juniper0625099Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Sun Dial0625062Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace, Tour Group0624946Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624909Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624913Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624923Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace V0624926Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624945Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624948aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624950aSeoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624959Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace0624960

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