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My ship was docked in Yokohama, but I did not have time to explore it. These are images from the dock area or from the public transport systems, which were indeed impressive.
Yokohama, Waterfront121-0209Yokohama, Cruise Terminal121-0210Yokohama, Church121-0212Yokohama, Subway121-0213Yokohama, Subway, Map121-0214Yokohama, Nr, Bust Statue V121-0216Yokohama, Station, Underground121-0873Yokohama, Station, Underground121-0876Yokohama, Station, Underground121-0878Yokohama, Night121-0880Yokohama, Station, Underground121-0881Yokohama, Station, Underground121-0884Yokohama, Night121-0886Yokohama, Night121-0888

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