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Beijing is the capital and second largest city in China after Shanghai. The Forbidden City and Summer Palace are popular tourist sights.
Beijing, Gate of Heavenly Peace020419-8803Beijing, Gate of Heavenly Peace, Flags, Person020419-8810Beijing, Gate of Heavenly Peace020419-8806Beijing, Mao Portrait020419-8808Beijing, Maos Tomb020419-8801aBeijing, Peking Duck020419-9107Beijing, Qianmen Gate020421-9580Beijing, Tiananmen Sq, Monument, V020419-8800aBeijing, Tiananmen Sq020419-8792Beijing, Baby Cart020419-8814Beijing, Forbidden City, Man Opening Door020419-8891Beijing, Forbidden City, Ceiling020419-8943Beijing, Forbidden City, Bridges020419-8824Beijing, Forbidden City, Guards020419-8817Beijing, Forbidden City, Heron Statue020419-8857Beijing, Forbidden City, Lion020419-8834Beijing, Forbidden City, Monument020419-8813Beijing, Forbidden City, Passageway020419-8946Beijing, Forbidden City, Pavilion Ceiling020419-8924aBeijing, Forbidden City, Pavilion020419-8950

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