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Beaufort is perhaps the prettiest town in South Carolina, with some beautiful antebellum architecture.
Beaufort, Flower V0689802bBeaufort, Arsenal V0610126aBeaufort, Beaufort River Br0689798Beaufort, Car V0610139Beaufort, Car0689836Beaufort, House V0610044Beaufort, House V0610042Beaufort, House V0689895aBeaufort, House V0689918Beaufort, House V0689950aBeaufort, House V0689960aBeaufort, House, Azaleas V0610073Beaufort, House0610106aBeaufort, House, Azaleas0610078aBeaufort, National Cemetery0689984Beaufort, National Cemetery0689992aBeaufort, Squirrel0689818Beaufort, St Helenas Church V0610034Beaufort, Arsenal V0610131aBeaufort, Azaleas V0610066

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